It's a female's Universe

Nov 21, 2008 |
Churchviale str., 25
Grant Alabama 21134
Women may want a lot of things at one time which in fact are just ineffective to cooperate on the so-called "simultaneous" basis. ... Leer más

Jealousy - mass devastation feeling

Nov 20, 2008 |
Bernhill str., 11
Rupert Idaho 21234
Who's capable to give a definition for jealousy feeling? I bet a number of people believe that they're. But, they are wrong. ... Leer más

The eloquent silence of the body

Nov 20, 2008 |
4529 Pickens Way
Denison TX 75020
There are 1000000s of countries, megs of states, megs of cultures in the world. There are not only the official languages of sure countries, there also accents and patois of the another tribes and ... Leer más

Symbolisation close to people

Nov 19, 2008 |
Jefferson str., 12
Avon Alabama 21369
As a person sees some thing it inevitably gives certain pictures and affiliations in the mind of a human. There are also some events. ... Leer más

The dumb and the dumber

Nov 19, 2008 |
Gelly str., 20
Rupert Idaho 21234
The most widely-spread of all features linked with US citizens is that they are not so intelligent, or simply to say - stupid. ... Leer más

The myths we produce

Nov 18, 2008 |
Morgenstern str., 1
Beaver Utah 21212
The myth like that comes down from father to son and no one consider those as myths but as the reality about their existance. ... Leer más

Curiosities of relations

Nov 17, 2008 |
Bernstein str., 2
Avon Alabama 21313
Strictly speaking our life is a variety of interactions we perform from the day of our birth till the day of death. ... Leer más

Cocicloset. Closets, Kitchens, Baths. The best modular furnitures of Costa Rica

Nov 17, 2008 |
La Uruca
San Jose San Jose 0
COCICLOSET a specialized Company in manufacturing of kitchen, closet and bath's furnitures in Costa Rica and Central America. ... Leer más

Woman – the perfect creature

Nov 14, 2008 |
Petrucci str., 88
Buffalo Iowa 21364
Lord created male before female. But then you always make a rough draft before the last masterpiece. Dangerous beauty female is a wonderful creature. ... Leer más

Ms. Perfect: Does She Exist?

Nov 14, 2008 |
2544 Long Street
Gainesville FL 32601
Nobody is ideal, as we all know. But there surely are certain generalised boasts which easy make up the universal image of a perfect female. These boasts are very different, but women themselves are ... Leer más

Youth Style

Nov 13, 2008 |
Michigan str., 1
Buffalo Iowa 22236
Adolescence, the dearest period of life.Adolescence is the time of existance when our bodies and souls are filled with emotions, energy and ambitious. ... Leer más

Magic and witchcraft.

Nov 13, 2008 |
4040 Stonepot Road
Red Bank New Jersey 7701
People believe that sometimes it is workable to crash the rules of physics. They believe that it is practicable to make things fly and move without touching them. ... Leer más

Mr Perfect : Myth or Reality?

Nov 12, 2008 |
4682 Finwood Road
Newark NJ 7102
What does perfection involve? Some exclusively unique qualities of something (or even somebody) which bestow to this especial something (or even somebody) being characterized as complete. Even though ... Leer más

Games people play

Nov 12, 2008 |
3629 Red Maple Drive
South Gate CA 90280
Citizenry begin betting games from baby. And sometimes keep playing them till end. All person has his/her own intellect of the word 'a game'. Our life is a gamey. And it has rules as all game. Some of ... Leer más

The infinite beauty - night sky

Nov 11, 2008 |
3269 Roosevelt Wilson Lane
Riverside California 92507
The night-time sky is one of the beauties that are provided with an ability to calm our nerves down and to heal our spirit no matter on the profoundness of its wounds. ... Leer más

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